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In January 1979, the school is licensed by the United States Department of Education to train master’s program. In 1991, the Academy of Physical Therapy was established, and this is the first school for training physiotherapy in the US. In spring 2006, the school is started getting the students for doctoral students of information technology and engineers.

The strengths of the school

University of Bridgeport offers career-orientation, undergraduate, graduate and professional degree and programs for those who seek personal and professional growth . The University encourages academic excellence, personal responsibility and commitment to service. Special training programs in a multi-cultural international learning environment are prepared life and leadership in a world that is increasingly interconnected for graduates


UB is ranked 147th by Washington Monthly magazine  with the standard classes based on research, community service and socical nature. In addition, the school has been selected to design how to resolve the problem of living space and working technology

The school has been regularly and professionally training  of UB and Distance Academic Department pioneered with the first online postgraduate programs in the State of Connecticut.

University of Bridgeport is known for excellent faculties, dedicated and interested in each student. Faculty members are highly appreciated at UB with academic background and career of the most prestigious campuses.

Why  should you choose the University of Bridgeport?

  • UB has a rate of student-teachers is 15: 1 with the average size of classes is 20 students.
  • UB is held advanced programs, market-oriented, interdisciplinary and specialities.
  • UB is constantly ranked 10 among 20 top schools for Economic Diversity, Diversity of Race and Ethnicity and Internationality of the 300 top national universities granted Ph.D. leading US.Report of News and US World constantly ranked among UB 10 or top 20 schools for

Training program

English: This discipline is dedicated for students not eligible to attend in the formal programme or want to improve English level. The program consists of 6 levels. Students will take tests for appropriate placement. small class size from 3-15 students ensure the better attention to each student and curriculum quality.

University: Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Computer Technology, Computer Science, Dental Hygiene, English, Fashion Business, Finance, Business, Graphic Design, International Business, Interior Design

Master: Acupuncture, MBA, Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical), Computer Technology, Computer Science, Design Management, Education …