Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB KoChaMongKol


Super-luxury car carmaker from the UK has officially introduced the incomparable Ghost EWB in the market for the Thailand market.

Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB was built exclusively for the Thailand market called KoChaMongKol with a quantity of a unit bearing the white special exterior Pearlescent and extremely luxurious.

The incomparable Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB is dedicated for the Thailand market

These special details make the difference of edition dedicated to the Thai market including orange and black coachline drawn manually along 2 sides of the vehicles, stylized elephant-head logo í painted solemnly and cut the segment on the coachline. In addition, the exterior of the car is equipped with the same as on the standard version of Ghost EWB.


During entering the inside, white pearl tone continues to be shown on the seats, doors, dashboard panel, … but the orange batten sewwing apparently on white cover continues to create highlight for space the interior of the vehicle. Besides, dark orange also appears in many other details on the car as a dominant color making up the features for this version.

However, the most unique furniture is not only in the colorful decoration but also as the stylized head-elephant shapes on wooden boards paneled at the door, the dashboard panel. A small refrigerator for free 2 glasses of wine printed logo Rolls-Royce appears at the position between the two rear seats.

According to the super-luxury car company from the UK, the Ghost EWB KoChaMongKol will only be produced only 1 unit and dedicated for 1 luck giant of Thailand.