BMW X7 has been launched with a price of 100.000 USD


The luxurious SUV of BMW X7 will bring a revolution in the design of the X-series family, the car is priced at over $ 100,000.

It is considered that BMW shows that Mercedes-Maybach GLS, X7 will be a full-size SUV with a completely new look, getting out of the framework of the design if compared with rivals of the same segment such as Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

BMW wants to have intention for an ultra-luxury SUV, therefore, this model will be invested more carefully. BMW X6 is currently priced from $ 103,196, but the junior X7 is expected higher than such.


According to experts, BMW will distribute X7 at least two variants. Sales Director of BMW – Lan Robertson said the X7 will be SUV under the above segment compared with the BMW X5, and will be a full model of the luxury, powerful. X7 will only own four seats for passengers, a feature of the product line GKL (an abbreviation of the term from the German “Grand Klasse”).

Previously, it is said that the new X7 will be developed based on the outline of crossovers “Cullian” of Rolls-Royce. However, BMW has bluntly rejected that idea. In Rolls-Royce’s opinion, it is expected to use aluminum frame to form their car, and this technology will not be shared with the X7. And while the Rolls-Royce’s crossover will be priced from $ 200,000 to $ 300,000, BMW said X7 price will be just below $ 200,000.